nielsenkc rpf log 4/6/09 – 4/8/09

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This my log to any one who is reading that what happen me seen 4/6/09 4/7/09.

4/6/09 first day of log entires

We had very bloody fighting in southern lights yesrtday some major officals were there like me mocar and empere josh with 4 other members to defeat a army 5 guys we defeated them.But today were going be high alert me and josh did some partoling on the following servers parka  tundra tuxedo and southern lights. Southern lights we made arrset because we thought he was in the army that attacked southern lights the day before but we found out it was a mistake we let him go but i did beat him up kinda badly u to try to get info out of him. Well southern lights was clear expect for that one mishap.The next server was parka we found 8+ f w troops recuiting me and josh and about 3 other rpf members opened fire and engaded the enemy troops.After they would not leave we decide to go try and get them out peacefully again and josh got them out. Mean while i was now patorling tundra and tundra was the only server clear so far. TUXEDO! here whens the main trouble started we came arcoss a small group of green penguins but they were not acp but they did pose a threat but they did disappear. Later on that patorl we found arcoss a army in tuxedo and completed destoryed them and sent them to hell.But they came back and we did a wild goose chase and evenutally we caugh them and made them leave.Ok that same day i asked bye omega to join this group that wants to cause a worldwar so i made a plan to sabtoage this group before its get out of hand.


We patorled the same servers again only this time to fine nothing because last night was chaos. Also last night i told zie about the group idk if he remembers though but i told him about the group and how i am going to try my best to sabtoage and how i will. Right now i am on there site so every thing is going well right now.Next this thst yesrtday a got report of battle on sub zero bb vs iw vs acp i told rpf to stay out of it because there all allies.

Hello world!

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